Introducing The Dixa Promise

The pandemic has brought home what many businesses already knew –– that the old ways of working simply aren’t cutting it anymore. Aside from your team needing the right tools to allow them to work remotely and flourish while doing it, the pandemic has made abundantly clear that customer experience is one of the top, if not the most important, differentiators when it comes to customer choice and loyalty going forward.

Yet, however much you know that it’s time to make a change and improve your brand’s customer experience, it can seem overwhelming right now. That’s where The Dixa Promise comes in.

We are here to partner with you. We’re so confident that Dixa will improve your ways of working, increase efficiencies and boost customer retention, that we are willing to do whatever it takes to show you, even if it means giving it away for free. 

The Dixa Promise

If you’re ready to rethink your ways of working and transform your customer service into a key value-driver for your business, then we want to help you succeed with:

• Access to the full-featured platform free of charge for 6 months
• Onboarding, training, setup, and integrations included
• Dedicated onboarding contact for your first 6 months
• 24/7 technical support from day 1
• Plus more!

Find out more and unlock The Dixa Promise here. And learn more about Dixa in the video below!

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