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Reduction in hours for first response time (email)


Number of calls answered


Average wait time (calls)


Sportmaster is Denmark’s largest and most popular sports chain, consisting of 100 stores nationwide and an online shop that serves over 1.2 million customers in total. Over the past 40 years, Sportmaster has continued to expand its products and streamline its services to become the natural choice for those in need of sporting equipment, clothing, and accessories of all kinds.

Team size:
20 agents

• Siloed working experience
• Cherry picking
• Prioritization
• Lack of realtime data & analytics


Sportmaster’s previous software required different browser windows for each communication channel (phone, email, and chat). This created a chaotic working experience for agents because they had to constantly switch between windows to track customers across phone, email, chat, and messenger. It became increasingly difficult for agents to track customer journeys and resulted in processes that required a lot of clicks. Working in this fashion also meant agents could only be on one channel at a time, which required more workforce planning.

Sportmaster also suffered from a common issue virtually all contact centers face, cherry picking. This happens when agents are allowed to choose which inquiries they wish to resolve. This always results in the most difficult issues being skipped and landing on the same few individuals every time, creating an unequal distribution of work amongst the team.

Finally, Sportmaster’s previous phone setup required agents to switch between two phone lines, one for communicating with their stores and one for customers. Since they receive a high volume of calls from both their customers and their stores, having to switch between lines would sometimes result in one line building up before they could switch back. Having no way to prioritize calls led to long wait times, which was not the experience they wanted to provide their customers with.

Dixa has been a game changer for us, eliminating cherry picking and unifying us as a team. By conducting our work in a true omnichannel system, my team is better equipped to solve customer inquiries and more efficient with their time.


The Dixa Effect

Omnichannel experience

By unifying their communication channels in one platform, Sportmaster is able to provide their customers with a more consistent, omnichannel customer experience. Having all customer conversation history in one place, as well as eliminating the need to jump between different windows when responding to customers makes it possible for agents to track each customer’s journey more easily. Working in such a manner also ensures no customer has to repeat themselves or slips through the cracks, regardless of the channel they reach out on.

Reduced first response time

Because Dixa’s intelligent routing automatically delivers conversations straight to the right agents based on criteria set by Sportmaster, agents no longer need to look through their inboxes to choose which conversations they want to respond to (which usually leads to cherry picking). By eliminating this step, agents save a tremendous amount of time and are able to respond to customers much quicker as a result. In fact, the first month Sportmaster implemented Dixa, their average response time on email was cut down by 25.5 hours (roughly 83%).

Improved team mentality & performance

With the elimination of cherry picking, Sportmaster’s agents are ensured an equal workload every day instead of the tough inquiries always being left to the same individuals. Because work is now distributed more fairly, agent satisfaction among Sportmaster’s customer service team improved along with team morale. With Dixa, Sportmaster’s customer service department functions more like a unified team and less like individuals, ultimately elevating the team’s overall performance.