Dixa for Finance & Insurance

Deliver experiences your clients can bank on

Whether you’re a fast-growing fintech, a bank, investment firm or insurance company, establishing and maintaining trust with your clients is key. Dixa makes this easy, resulting in stronger customer relationships, higher customer satisfaction, and increased lifetime value.

Unlock client trust

Deliver differentiated customer experiences

Empower your customer support team to deliver conversational experiences with easy-to-use omnichannel software.

Empower agents with real-time knowledge

Give your team what they need to understand client needs and provide faster, more personalized advice and support.

Connect clients to the right agent

Prioritize customer inquiries based on business priorities, client status, past conversations, and agent know-how.

Support your clients when and where they need you

Say goodbye to siloed channels. Keep up with customers across phone, email, chat, and messaging apps by funneling all customer engagement into one unified platform for a seamless customer experience that promotes trust. Operate in multiple countries? No problem. Split flows based on language.

  • Complete conversation history
  • Automatic customer recognition
  • Skill and language-based routing

Promote trust with personalized interactions

Building trust with your customers takes a personal touch. With Dixa, you can customize every customer experience by automatically connecting customers to the right agent based on rules you set. Plus, make it easy for customers to chat with the same agent every time so they feel safe and secure.

Personalized customer service conversation

“Building and maintaining trust with our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We use Dixa because we always want to be available to our customers on all channels and provide them with the best service possible.”

Prioritize your most important conversations

With Dixa, inquiries are prioritized based on criteria you set yourself instead of on a channel-by-channel basis. Stay on top of your most pressing inquiries and always meet your SLAs. Whether a VIP customer is reaching out or there’s an issue with a deposit, customers are automatically prioritized and connected with the agent most qualified to help them––no manual sorting required.

Deliver frictionless experiences

With a simple, intuitive, and consistent user experience for every channel and conversation, your agents can focus on providing just the right insights and sought-after assurance your clients need.

  • Leverage a single timeline for every conversation, enabling easy management of client interactions
  • Empower agents with knowledge about the context of the conversation, at just the right time
  • One screen for every conversation, eliminating the need to continually switch back and forth between multiple screens

Everything you need in one platform

Built from the ground up with native phone, email, chat and messenger so you can deliver a unified customer experience across every touchpoint.

Omnichannel customer service software by Dixa
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Connect Dixa with your other systems for powerful & personalized service. Need a custom integration? We’ve got you covered! We make it simple to create claims directly from Dixa, manage your company reviews, pull regulatory data for reporting––whatever you need.

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