Level Up Your Player Support

Your players expect the best from you –– both in-game and out. With Dixa, you can exceed expectations every time and deliver universe-conquering experiences for increased loyalty and higher lifetime value.

For winning conversations with players

Deliver limitless player support

Powered by language detection and language-based routing, every player, regardless of where they are in the world, can get localized, personalized support.

Gain a clear & detailed overview of resources

Oversee multiple regions, teams, and BPOs for unprecedented clarity and efficiency. Plus, with Dixa’s flexible tools, easily move agents around based on skillset and need.

Make knowledge your secret weapon

Easily document, share, and surface answers to common player questions. Plus, build an intelligent customer-facing FAQ to increase self-serve so agents can focus on the most important inquiries.

Provide omnichannel customer support

Turn siloed calls, emails, and messages into one seamless conversation that is designed to help players get back in the game as quickly as possible. Equip agents with the data and context they need to provide hyper-personalized support at scale.

  • Leverage a single timeline for every conversation, enabling easy management of player interactions.
  • Improve CSAT scores and survey response rates with multi-language support on any channel.
  • Utilize automatic customer recognition and context to drive personalization.
Omnichannel customer service for food and grocery

Keep your players’ accounts safe

With Dixa, your players’ accounts are protected from social engineering and account theft. How? We add internal metadata to every conversation, visible only to agents, which gives them the context they need to help ensure they’re speaking to the right person.

Harness the power of knowledge

Easily document and share player questions and automatically surface these for agents when a question gets asked again. Plus, create an intelligent customer-facing FAQ based on real-world questions, and increase self-serve, ensuring fast answers to frequent questions and more time for agents to focus on complex and high-priority inquiries.

Increase agent efficiency

Agents spend a lot of time deciding which inquiry to answer next and redirecting customers to the right place depending on their needs. Dixa eliminates this with our default first-in first-out distribution, and by automatically prioritizing and routing customer inquiries directly to the best-suited available agent based on the rules you set. Say goodbye to messy, built-up inboxes.

Everything you need to turn player support into Customer Friendship™


Connect Dixa with your other systems for powerful & personalized service. Need a custom integration? We’ve got you covered!

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