Is NRR the top metric to prove value in a market downturn?
Join Tue Søttrup, VP of CX Excellence in San Diego, CA!

April 27-29th 2023

Is NRR the top metric to prove value in a market downturn?

As the pressure on the economy continues to build, customer experiences are more varied than they’ve ever been. 74% of customers would switch to a competing brand or company if they found out they provided better CX.

Organizational focus has shifted from growing Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to growing Net Revenue Retention (NRR). With retaining existing customers being 6-7 times more cost-effective than acquiring new customers – proving the value of your department has never been more crucial. 

Tue Søttrup is a CX veteran with 20+ years experience in CX, growing his career from agent to VP of CX Excellence. Take notes – he’s sharing his tips on how you can help your agents provide stellar service in every customer interaction!

Tue Søttrup
Tue Søttrup
VP CX Excellence

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