Growth Journeys: Founding a purpose-driven business

March 24, 2021 5:00 PM


Sortedam Dossering 7, 4 sal
2200 København
*(Enter via. the elevator directly from the courtyard)


Hear from our speakers, and take time to network with your peers as you gain actionable takeaways to implement in your own business. Whether you’re a founder, an engineer, or an HR lead, this event will arm you with the information you need to make sure your startup can flourish.

This event focuses on building a purpose-driven business from the ground up, what has inspired the founders of some of the fastest-growing startups and what problems they’re looking to solve.

Come along to learn more about what’s needed, what you should avoid, and what can be learned along the way.


Jeppe Rindom Co-Founder and CEO, Pleo 

To most employees, managers, and business owners, expense reporting tops the list of time-consuming and annoying tasks. There had to be a better way to solve this problem and free people’s time up to focus on more business-critical tasks.

That’s why Jeppe founded Pleo, a company card that provides simple spending tools for workplaces of the future, removing complexity from financial processes and replacing expense policies and reporting with transparency and trust.

Jeppe will be talking about Pleo’s remarkable growth journey and how the company came to be one of the hottest fintech scaleups in Europe.

Mads Fosselius, Co-Founder and CEO, Dixa

Fresh off the heels of closing an impressive series B funding round, Mads will be talking about the roller coaster ride in a scaleup and what it’s like to go from 30 to 120 people across 5 European offices in 12 months.

Dixa, the customer service tech company, was founded around a kitchen table in Copenhagen by 4 friends who were wondering why it was so hard for brands to meet their customers’ expectations when it comes to delivering personal and friendly customer service.

Built with usability in mind, Dixa provides customer-facing teams with simple – yet powerful customer service software enabling agents to deliver quicker, more personalized service across all communication channels.

Niels Fibæk-Jensen, 
Co-Founder and CEO, Matter

In 2016, Niels was working with the Danish UN delegation in New York taking part in the negotiations of the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at achieving the ambitious goals set out in the Paris Agreements of capping the rise in global temperatures at 2 degrees celsius.

What quickly became clear to Niels was that a powerful way to help achieve that goal was to empower people to make impactful decisions as consumers.

While most people are aware that being conscious of how they’re spending (or not spending) their money can have a huge impact, they might not be aware that they can also put their pensions to work in more sustainable ways.

Niels will be talking about founding Matter, and fintech company making it possible for people to invest their pensions in a world worth retiring in.

Andreas Sachse, Co-Founder, and CCO, Podimo

It has been virtually impossible to ignore or even downplay the influence of the podcast medium in recent years. It seems like everyone either listens to or hosts a true-crime podcast! This also means that the podcast market has been inundated with content, making it hard for listeners to navigate and harder for podcasters to make a profit.

Andreas is co-founder of Podimo, a platform for fans and creators of podcast shows alike. Podimo makes it easy for podcasters to profit from and perfect their craft by delivering algorithms, a user-friendly platform, and a strong marketing arm. This ensures a high degree of diversity and depth in terms of content, continuously allowing listeners to discover new voices and dig into niche genres.

Andreas will talk about starting a business based on getting people to pay for something that is otherwise free, securing $6m to take on the European market, and getting to 75,000 users in under three months.

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