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Would I do this to a friend? How to look at customer service in a brand new light

Customer Service has become mechanical and impersonal. We create tickets, assign cases, file incidents. We distribute, route and triage. We deflect, automate and categorize.

The time has come for you to look at how you do support in a new light and shift the way you think about the people that matter the most to your business – your customers!

Join our VP of Product, Christian Colding, to learn how you can apply the familiar model of ‘friendship’ to the way you think about your customer support. It all starts by asking yourself one simple question: Would I do this to a friend?



Tue Søttrup

Tue Søttrup

Tue Søttrup has been delivering excellent customer service for more than 20 years and is currently Chief CX Evangelist at Dixa where he’s carefully nurturing a small bonsai tree called GenZen.

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