Empowering agents with a full suite of workforce management, QA, performance, learning, and coaching tools, all in real-time.

Maximize your agents’ potential

Gain total control over your quality operations, measure KPIs, & gain an overview of exactly what’s happening, all in real-time.

Simplified workforce management

Unlock every agent’s full potential. Playvox’s workforce management solution helps you improve your service levels and reduce staffing costs while simplifying forecasting, scheduling, and reporting. 

Effortless quality assurance

Standardize and improve customer service as you scale with an integrated and comprehensive quality assurance solution. Remove the pain from quality assurance and employee scheduling. Move beyond basic QA to full QM, so you don’t just identify problems, you fix them.

Empower agents with omnichannel solutions 


Provide an interactive training and development platform to easily create courses and track progress.


Engage, motivate, and reward top talent with a community forum, digital badges, and an online store to improve team performance.


Create and track custom KPIs and combine with standard customer service KPIs for a holistic view of team performance.

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Drive continuous team improvement with coaching sessions based on QA results. Improve call handling, behaviors, compliance, and soft skills.

Customer Voice

Better understand customer sentiment with an agent-centric survey tool that humanizes the CSAT, CES, and NPS feedback collection process.

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