Solvemate is the service automation platform with the highest self-service rates on the market.
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Go beyond the chatbot hype and enable meaningful conversations with CS automation

Improve your CX

Skyrocket your NPS and CSAT by providing fast, personalized answers to customer questions. Increase customer satisfaction and happiness.

Become more efficient

Automate over 80% of repetitive requests and route complex requests to the right agent. Let Solvemate take care of repetitive requests, saving your team time.

Get speedy insights

Measure your CSAT within the chatbot, collect feedback, and access customer behavior analytics. Understand your customers better and identify service needs.

No more frustrating bot experiences 

Solvemate’s Contextual Conversation Engine™️ uses a powerful combination of natural language processing (NLP) and dynamic decision trees (DDT) to understand your customers. 

Enable meaningful conversations with CS automation

Personalize your chatbot setup

Personalize your user journey along every step of the customer service funnel. Solvemate Personalization allows you to use Variables and Authentication to create the type of meaningful conversations your customers will appreciate.

Create a bot in any language

Solvemate makes it easy to offer a multilingual service experience by creating bots in any language. If necessary, a human agent is always just a click away, and handovers to your existing CRM or ticketing system are seamless.

Build one bot for multiple channels

Make it easy for your customers to contact you on their favorite channels, so you can provide high-quality, convenient service they’ll remember. Integrate Solvemate into applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

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