Employee scheduling for customer service teams.

Manage your daily customer support activities.

Schedule your team. Coordinate leave.

Shift scheduling

You decide how your team likes to work. Soon is a flexible scheduling software, you can adapt it to exactly fit your needs.

Intraday planning

Help structure your teams day with shift activity suggestions.. Or give them the freedom to decide for themselves, and use it to inform the rest of the team.

Vacation management

Streamline time-off procedures fair, fast and effective. Never have someone on leave and on the schedule at the same time.

Scheduling board

Your team, your requirements and your challenges change as your company grows.

Soon will change with you. From 10 to 200+ agents, your team will have a schedule that helps you crush your goals. Soon is designed for growth.

Works on any device

Your schedule always in your pocket.

Give your team the freedom to  interact at any given moment. 

  • Always up to date
  • Super lightweight
  • Great user experience

Improve your agent experience with Dixa’s one-screen wonder!

Integrate Dixa & Soon to manage scheduling and improve your team’s productivity.

Tracking quality

Track performance of your team and their improvements, by comparing the scheduled versus the actual.

Manage efficiency

Improve adherence to schedule to maximize team efficiency

4x faster scheduling

Schedule 4x faster on average for teams who switch from a spreadsheet.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.