Empower agents with our Stella Connect integration

Drive results through real-time feedback, coaching, and quality management, improving transparency and performance.
Stella connect integration with Dixa

Achieve unbeatable customer service by optimizing frontline results with key insights into performance.

Stella connect dashboard integration with Dixa

Gain Visibility into Your Service Performance

Unlock insights, trends and key information through Stella Connect’s visually-engaging surveys. With a response rate 10x higher than the industry average, gain access to valuable information and feedback.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Save time and resources by connecting QA performance directly to service conversations and customer feedback, generating custom QA scorecards to drive 1:1 action items and improve productivity and performance.

Empower Agents for Better Results

Give agents direct access to customer feedback, enabling high impact coaching and QA programs and rewarding performance to encourage better results.

Integration Key Features

  • Set predefined rules to automatically send out feedback surveys after inquiries are completed
  • Include interaction tags from Dixa in Stella Connect to enrich the agent-level feedback you receive
  • Link customer feedback within Stella Connect directly to Dixa conversations for more actionable insights
  • Utilize a service recovery workflow to regain customer trust after subpar service interactions
  • Import Dixa conversations into Stella Connect to launch QA reviews based on customer interactions

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