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Smart WFM with integrated forecasting, capacity planning, and performance analytics.
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The only WFM for Dixa

Surfboard is the only WFM that integrates with Dixa. To integrate your Dixa account, all you need to do is paste the Dixa API key into Surfboard. No dev-time or maintenance required.

Omnichannel capacity planning

Seamlessly match your omnichannel Dixa set-up in your forecast. Get interval-level staffing requirements for every channel, queue or inbox with customisable SLAs, concurrency and AHT.

Adherence and productivity metrics

Surfboard builds detailed timelines of Dixa activity, providing insight into adherence and productivity. View performance in real-time, and report on teams or agent trends longer term.

Forecasting for Dixa

Surfboard pulls all historical conversation volume data to produce accurate forecasting. As Dixa is a truly omnichannel provider, when setting up forecasting for Dixa, you can set this by initial channel, direction, country, queue, status or tags. This allows you to customise your forecast so that you can ensure the correct coverage of the number of people and skills to meet customer demand.

Real-time management for Dixa

Stay on the pulse of how capacity is used in real-time with Surfboard’s real-time management dashboard. Monitor adherence and attendance and make data-led decisions and changes quickly and easily with bulk editing tools.

Adherence and performance reporting for Dixa

Surfboard’s integration with Dixa allows you to monitor agent adherence and productivity within Dixa.

Surfboard records activity within Dixa to build detailed activity timelines, providing insight into adherence and productivity. This allows managers to have confidence that customers aren’t left waiting and that they have the correct people scheduled to meet service level targets.

Performance metrics are visible to both managers and surfers (agents) so that there is improved transparency around performance metrics and to allow agents to manage themselves, superpowered by data.

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