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Thankful is the only AI platform on the customer’s side; understanding what they want and delivering the omnichannel service they need

Grows with your business

Thankful’s AI Agent allows for auto scaling capabilities for hyper growth, seasonal rushes, and daily fluctuations, creating elasticity when it’s needed most.

Saves time & resources

Fully resolving up to 60% of incoming tickets, Thankful’s AI Agent alleviates pressure on human agents and allows them to focus on unique service queries and building relationships with customers.

Powers agents with AI

Thankful’s Agent Assist delivers AI intuition to your human support staff, saving them time and effort by collecting all relevant information, flagging alerts, and even suggesting responses and next actions.

Simplify your CX with better results

Reduce the friction of coordinating multiple systems. Thankful seamlessly integrates with Dixa and all your other business processing tools to automatically look up customer information and take action to resolve tickets.

Allow you to be wherever your customers need you

Today’s customers demand consistent and fast resolutions across all channels. Thankful and Dixa make omnichannel support easy – giving your customers the ability to choose how they want to connect with your brand.

Create seamless customer experiences with AI

Leverage the best of AI automation within Dixa’s unified platform. With a lifetime value of customers’ conversations, including anything handled by Thankful, your agents can seamlessly pick up conversations right where they left off.

Engage and enhance your entire CS ecosystem

Deliver AI intuition for your human support staff.

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