Zowie is the brain that powers efficient and high-quality customer service automation. It’s an AI chatbot that really works.

Zowie is a customer support AI chatbot that eliminates customer service bottlenecks through seamless automation.

Focused on Customer Service Automation

Zowie is 100% dedicated to customer service automation. Automation with Zowie allows teams to concentrate on complex tasks that require their expertise.

Up and running in minutes, no IT support needed

You can get Zowie up and running in minutes without IT support. From that moment on, it continues to self-learn. Only monthly checks are needed. The more it learns, the more it increases automated case rates and accuracy.

24/7 multilingual support, in 56 languages

Multilingual customer support can be activated in a single click. Expand internationally without having to worry about customer support slowing you down.

Supercharge your CX with Zowie brainpower.

Zero hassle on your side. No code. No waiting. Immediate time to value.

Automation rates of at least 30% from day 1

Dixa & Zowie: the brains powering your CS techstack

Improving customer & agent experience

Zowie has vast experience with installing chat automation. Zowie improves overall customer experience with automation that is fully compliant with Dixa Customer Friendship™ GTM.

Create valuable changes for your organization

Zowie allows you and our AEs to join forces and approach other customers together. It runs CS Diagnose to show what is the value of implementing Dixa and Zowie together. It checks a company’s historical chat data in Dixa to determine how valuable the integration and automation with Zowie can be.

Brainpower Inside Your Existing Techstack

Zowie supercharges your Dixa set-up with advanced automation. It goes to work on your data to automate customer service questions, and free your agents of repetitive queries.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

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