Customer loyalty grows here.

Your customers have been following you & messaging on Instagram for a while – it’s time to finally meet them there.

Quickly respond to
tags and DMs

 With Instagram as a channel, you’ll never keep your customers waiting again.

Expand brand recognition & loyalty

Strengthen customer relationships and build advocacy through social engagement.

Set up in less
than a minute

Get up and running in just 30 seconds – say “Instagram” 3 times fast and you’re done.

It’s not a plus,
it’s a must.

Instagram is an integral part of the customer journey: to some consumers, your home grid is synonymous with your homepage. Which means incorporating Instagram into your CS strategy isn’t nice-to-have but a top priority. Connect to your account in no time and start responding to customer queries (and #shoutouts!) as soon as they come in.

Don’t get lost
in the DMs.

Responding in a timely manner is essential for story mentions, since they’re only available for a finite amount of time. Once your Instagram is connected with Dixa’s smart routing and conversation offers, your agents will always catch those mentions before they disappear. Meaning you’ll never miss out on a chance to build meaningful relationships.

Good CX is the best kind of marketing.

Whether you’re an SMB or an established brand, customer loyalty and advocacy is essential for long-term growth. Responding to a return customer’s Instagram story with a thoughtful context-rich message – maybe even a discount code for a similar product – is one of many ways to transform CS into your business’ newest growth-center.

Don’t let your agents get stumped when the know-how is out there.

With Dixa’s knowledge base, empower your agents with the most up-to-date information, right when they need it.

Provide context-rich service with integrations.

Let your agents pick up where your customers last left off, by providing conversation history, purchase history & more.

“Building and maintaining trust with our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We use Dixa because we always want to be available to our customers on all channels and provide them with the best service possible. “

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