Dixa Raises $105M in Series C Funding

General Atlantic leads the funding round with full participation from existing investors.

You could say that Dixa is in the business of transformation. Since day one, our mission has been to completely reinvent the customer experience for brands all over the world. With this funding round, we are able to accelerate this vision. 

In the years since Dixa’s 2018 launch, we’ve evolved rapidly as a company, building our platform, picking up funding rounds, hiring incredible people, and facilitating value-filled interactions for an ever-expanding group of global brands. 

It was my time spent working as a call center agent early on in my career that gave me a front row seat to the massive opportunity that companies had yet to take advantage of. 

With shared backgrounds in the customer service space, my co-founders and I had experienced firsthand the disjointed and frustrating experiences both agents and customers were being forced to endure, not to mention the lack of CX oversight brands had access to. It was clear that companies needed a better way to interact with their customers, and we had the answer: Enter Dixa.

The only multiexperience platform

Omnichannel, which used to be the standard-bearer for all things CX has now moved out of the spotlight, and at Dixa we’ve ushered in a new paradigm driven entirely by value: multiexperience. 

The modes that consumers interact with each other, and by extension brands, are growing exponentially, and multiexperience embraces this rather than trying to play catch-up. It natively integrates emerging touchpoints as well as makes it easy for agents to deliver a holistic experience across any and all modes of communication. 72% of customers are eager to interact with brands in new ways, adopting new mediums at lightning speed – think in-app, VR, touch, and video. 

So, we built Dixa to be technically agile enough to support emerging touchpoints in addition to natively supporting all existing channels. Powered by intelligent routing and automation, our platform weaves together every customer interaction in a simple and elegant interface that elevates the customer and agent experience, allowing for both parties to interact seamlessly for a better shared outcome. 

Imagine, for example, a messaging experience that carries on across apps, moves to live chat, and then perhaps concludes using a self-service smart surface. The customer can move fluidly between mediums and agents are given all the context they need to make the experience more enjoyable for themselves as well as the customers in question – eventually focusing only on the most valuable conversations and experiences using Dixa’s predictive algorithm. 

Leading the shift from service to value in the digital economy

Brands now compete on experience above all else, and if they can meet or exceed customer expectations by offering value-filled experiences, the benefits are manifold. Most important of all, they can help shape empowered customers who become powerful advocates for their business. With this can come higher customer lifetime value and churn reduction, among other positives. 

And companies are taking note. This year, the number of businesses who improved their CX doubled. Service is a core competency, and the bar for what “good” looks like is steadily rising. As a result, it’s time to move away from the idea that customer service is a cost center. At Dixa, we’ve always seen it as a value center. And because this philosophy has guided our efforts from the beginning, it’s embedded in our very platform. Dixa is purpose-built to lead the shift from service to value. The “value revolution” if you will. 

In the future, 40% of customer service organizations will lead all digital customer engagement with experiences that foster emotional loyalty and retention. Gone are the days where customer service existed purely as a reactionary force. With the right technology, CS can become a part of proactive customer engagement, ultimately driving business and customer growth, heralding the end of the cost-centric contact center model.

Here’s to our investors

We’re thrilled to announce that this funding round was led by the multi-billion dollar growth investment firm General Atlantic with a strategic investment of $105 million USD and full participation from our existing investors, Notion Capital, Project A Ventures, and SEED Capital.

Headquartered in the US and boasting a global presence, General Atlantic has invested in countless industry-defining companies, and we’re excited to join the club! In addition, we’re thrilled to welcome Tom Hussey, Vice President in General Atlantic’s technology sector to Dixa’s Board of Directors and Christine Kang, Vice President at General Atlantic, as a Board Observer. 

On the choice to back Dixa, GA notes that customer experience will be an integral part of helping brands transition to the digital economy, with Tom Hussey saying, “Customer service software is undergoing a fundamental transformation, moving away from disjointed, transactional approaches towards longitudinal, conversational engagement. Dixa has helped to define and lead this multiexperience approach, with a product and vision that is meeting the market where it is headed.” 

Going on to say, “Drawing from a deep understanding of customer service operations, Mads and the Dixa team are bringing a fresh, next-generation approach to the customer experience. We look forward to partnering with the company to significantly accelerate the business’ expansion into North America and growth internationally.”

What we’ll use this investment for 

This investment will allow us to continue to build a strong foundation while scaling significantly. We will continue to invest in our platform, with plans to more than double our Product & Engineering workforce within the next year. Besides P&E, we will continue to invest in talent in all areas of the business, adding to what is already an extremely strong company and culture.

As with our acquisition of the AI-optimized knowledge platform Elevio, we will continue to explore and make strategic acquisitions going forward. We strengthened our foothold in the US earlier this year and are looking forward to continuing to build our GTM operations across our different locations. 

As we continue to build our platform, we will expand our reach and bring transformative customer experiences to more and more global brands, leading the shift from service to value. 

Thank you 

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to all of our Dixaterians. Your hard work, determination, and talent has made this possible. I can’t wait to see where the next year will take us!

And, of course, thank you to our incredible customers and partners. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without your support. Each time we get to see another brand’s customer experience transform, grow, and expand because of Dixa, it warms our hearts.

Some of you have been with us since the beginning, even before our Series A funding round when we were only a few employees working in a co-working space in Copenhagen, and we’ve gotten to watch you grow along with us.

As we move towards this next phase, we look forward to continuing to help you engage with your customers in new and valuable ways.


Mads Fosselius

CEO & Co-founder of Dixa

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