Referral Program

Earn $100 Amazon eGift Voucher when you refer a friend to Dixa

Happy with how Dixa has helped your team and company and want to spread the love? Refer a friend to Dixa and get a chance to earn $100. We encourage you to help other industry leaders create more effortless customer experiences that build loyalty and help drive growth!
Refer a friend

How do I refer a friend? It’s super simple!

1. Fill in the form on this page
2. Dixa will reach out to your friend*
3. If your friend is a match, you will receive $100 Amazon eGift Voucher via email

How long will the process take?

✔ We will do our level best to get in contact within days but people’s schedules can be tricky – we’ll give it 90 days before we call it quits
✔ Once your friend is qualified and delivered, we’ll email you with your Amazon eGift Voucher

*Which of my friends is eligible for me to refer?

Refer a friend