Mim: Dixa’s AI-Powered Chatbot

Reduce support volume with a chatbot you can trust.

Dixa’s next-gen chatbot for customer service is powered by OpenAI and based off your knowledge base. Engage at scale with instant, accurate answers for customers.

Natural conversations at scale

Resolve queries instantly with Mim, your newest team member with exceptional language skills.

Set up in minutes

Simply connect Mim to your Dixa Knowledge Base to get it up-and-running. Zero ramp-time needed.

No training required

Get up-to-speed instantly. No need to train the bot on intent or create custom solutions.

Always accurate

Mim automatically checks for new content in your knowledge base . All you have to do is keep your KB up-to-date.

Cite your sources

The chatbot always displays a link to the source article to build trust and transparency and avoid confusion.


All of Mim’s answers come from your knowledge base, so there’s no need to worry about hallucinations.

Speaks dozens of languages

Mim translates customer questions at the drop of a hat, and provides answers in the language the customer speaks.

Seamless human handovers

Customers can always ask to speak to a human, and Mim provides agents with all the context they need to jump right into a conversation.

BYO answers

Easily set preset answers to any question you like, keeping Mim on-message for sensitive or high-priority queries.

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