Dixa Conversation Engine

Powering smarter customer service.

Imagine your ideal service experience, replete with personalized service for all and soaring CSATs. Now, imagine it delivered at scale – automation taking most of the burden off your team.

Efficiency is the name of the game

Automate repetitive tasks so your agents can focus on what matters most, like priority customers or those who might churn.

Increase customer lifetime value

Greet customers by name, connect them with the agent they last spoke to, and prioritize your VIPS–all without any manual work.

Get a bird’s eye view of your team

Keep a real-time overview of all open conversations—across every channel—ready to be picked up by or offered to an agent.

Drag and Drop Flow Builder

Shape your ideal service flows, no need for IT.

Ever feel like you’re driving blindfolded when making changes to your setup? Without being able to visualize workflows, it can be hard to understand how customer inquiries are being routed and the knock-on effect one change can have on your entire flow. With our visual Drag & Drop Flow Builder, you can easily build your dream flow, duplicate it, add new ones, and make updates—all without waiting (and waiting) for IT.

Intelligent Routing

Turn your customers into loyal fans

Automatically prioritize customers based on criteria like VIP status, customer lifetime value, high-churn potential, or any other parameter—the only limits are the ones you set for yourself (cue motivational music). Whether it’s a VIP customer or an issue related to a late shipment, our Intelligent Routing lets you automatically prioritize the right customers and connect them with the agent most qualified to help.

Conversation Automations

Work smarter, not harder.

Automate manual work and ensure agents spend their time wisely. With Dixa’s automation flows, you decide what happens to conversations with certain triggers and conditions. For example, send auto-replies after x days, tag unanswered conversations as high-priority after x hours, prioritize conversations that signal customer churn risk, and more!

Conversation Offers

Give cherry-picking an expiry date.

It’s 2023, and nobody should be working out of a shared inbox anymore. With Conversation Offers, your team doesn’t have to waste time sorting through customer inquiries, they’re simply offered conversations based on factors you set. This means you always have a clear idea of agent productivity and challenges, and, because agents aren’t working out of a shared inbox, they stay motivated without becoming overwhelmed by the number of requests.

Side Conversations

Sometimes two heads are better than one.

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. With Side Conversations, agents can easily pull in colleagues for their expertise. These conversations are always linked to the original customer conversation, so you never have to worry about not knowing the whole story.

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