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3rd-party services used by Dixa

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The following 3rd party services are the sub-processors of Dixa which can access our customer’s personal data. Sub-processors have entered into an agreement with Dixa (data processing agreement and supplier contract). The list will be updated on a regular basis with any changes.

Minimum subprocessors

Core sub-processors that are integrated in Dixa’s services and require to process the Customer’s data in order for the Customer to enjoy and make use of the Dixa Services.

SupplierLocationPurposeTransfer mechanismCategories of data
Amazon Web ServicesEU (Ireland/Germany)Data Center infrastructure (Hosting and computing power)All customer data in the Dixa services, especially: conversations, messages, notes, phone number, email, full name, phone call details, analytics reports
Mailchimp (aka. Mandrill)USATechnology/Infrastructure for e-mail handling (in- & out-bound email traffic for customers)EU SCCAny personal data the Customer relay to a recipient and receives from a sender via email using the Dixa Services.
TwilioIreland/USACall/Text handling technology/infrastructure. E.g. SIP trunk provisioning, client calls, conference mixing, voice routing, outbound PSTN providerBCR/EU SCCContact information, Customer communication data
Cumul.ioEUAnalytics technology + infrastructure to perform analytics.Analytical data reports pertaining to conversations (calls, messages) and on agents use of the platform
ConfluentIreland/USAEvent stream managementEU SCCAll Customer Data subjected to an action/event in the Dixa Services.

Modular sub-processors

Sub-processors that may be used by Customer as part of the Dixa Services (if purchased as a serice). Only the modular sub-processors chosen to be used Customer are relevant in relation to the Customer’s data processing agreement.

SupplierLocationPurposeTransfer mechanismCategories of data
VoxBone (Bandwidth Group)Ireland, Belgium, NetherLands, EU/EEA, USATelecommunications/VoIP providerEU SCCContact information, Customer communication data
DIDWWEU/USA/SingaporeTelecommunications/VoIP providerEU SCCContact information, Customer communication data
GradwellIrelandTelecommunications/VoIP providerContact information, Customer communication data
Elev.io Pty Ltd.AustraliaKnowledge base functionality.EU SCCContent stored and accessed in the knowledgebase functionality provided by Elev.io, including author information

Last updated: 6 October 2021