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Grow your customer base with Dixa

The secret to repeat customers? Exceptional customer experiences. Dixa makes this easy by bringing all your channels together in one easy-to-use interface.

Take it Omnichannel

Provide unified customer support across all your channels from one platform, connecting with your customers in a meaningful way.

Increase Conversions

Be available to your customers when they are most engaged with your brand to answer questions and make the sale.

Gain Repeat Customers

Build customer trust and loyalty by consistently delivering personalized support experiences across all channels.

Keep the conversation going across channels.

Never ask a customer to repeat themselves again. Pick up right where you left off, and keep up with customers across phone, email, chat, and messaging apps by funneling all customer engagement into one unified platform. Equip agents with the tools they need to deliver unparalleled omnichannel support experiences.

✔ Complete conversation history
✔ Automatic customer recognition
✔ Skill-based routing

Build trust with personalized interactions at scale.

Building trust with your customers takes a personal touch, but maintaining this as you scale is a challenge. With Dixa, you can customize every customer experience by automatically connecting them to the right agent based on rules you set. Plus, make it easy for customers to chat with the same agent every time to establish a deeper connection and keep them coming back for more.

Dixa, every Fashion brand’s best friend

Prioritize your most important conversations.

With Dixa, inquiries are prioritized based on criteria you set yourself instead of on a channel by channel basis. This saves agents from having to manually sort through inboxes searching for high priority messages. Whether a VIP customer is reaching out or there’s an issue with a shipment, customers are automatically prioritized and connected with the agent most qualified to help them.

Leverage every agent’s skills.

Intelligent algorithms and agent priority automatically ensure the most qualified agents handle the most important conversations first. Maximize your support team’s impact and reduce the need to transfer conversations by playing to your agents’ strengths.


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