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Upgrade to Dixa and experience a new paradigm in CRM, customer engagement, and support via our unified platform.

Are You Still Using Intercom?

Say farewell to disjointed customer experiences and costly third-party consultants. Dixa is the only customer service platform that centralizes tools, processes, and data into one cohesive omnichannel ecosystem. Tailored for modern businesses, we provide an Intercom alternative that effortlessly aligns with customer expectations in 2023 and beyond.

Become Our Customer Partner

Our goal is to assist you in achieving success. Once you join us at Dixa, you won’t be left to fend for yourself. We provide a wealth of excellent resources to aid you in establishing Customer Friendship™, and our team is always available for consultation.

Customer Service at the Core

We are delighted to offer a platform exclusively designed for customer service teams. At Dixa, our complete focus is on improving the overall customer experience. We are confident that our partners will achieve their objectives with our advanced tools and comprehensive resources. Let us collaborate to transform customer service into an excellent experience.

One Window for Everything

Get a unified view of all customer touchpoints and manage technology solutions from a single dashboard, empowering agents and admins to provide exceptional customer service.

  • All-in-one platform
  • Modern & intuitive UX
  • IT-free admin

One screen is all you want.
With Dixa, it’s all you need.

Efficient Implementation and Customization

With Dixa’s user-friendly tools, you can quickly create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. Customize your brand, set up communication channels, configure business rules, and easily integrate with third-party platforms. Save money and time by relying on our expert onboarding team to assist you in building and implementing your personalized Dixa setup. No need for specialized administrators or expensive consultants.

  • Easy setup
  • Fast time-to-value
  • Migrate your historic customer inquiries

Ditch the Chaos of Shared Inboxes

Gone are the days when your team had to manually sift through a pile of customer inquiries. Avoid cherry-picking and shared inboxes by using Dixa’s Conversation Offers and Intelligent Routing. Your team can provide excellent customer support across multiple channels by receiving the right conversation at the right time.

  • Omnichannel platform with all-native channels, even phone
  • No shared inbox and no cherry-picking
  • Increased customer satisfaction and improved team efficiency

AI-Powered Customer Service

Get the best of both worlds with Dixa’s Human + AI approach, which combines human intuition and AI efficiency. This allows your team to concentrate on important conversations while our system takes care of routine inquiries. Our AI-driven self-serve options significantly reduce response times, providing customers with speedy solutions.

  • Co-pilot enhances agent efficiency by offering smart tools such as grammar checking, summarization, reply suggestions, and translation
  • Mim, our AI-powered, setup-free chatbot, assists your team in handling routine tasks effortlessly
  • Our AI-driven knowledge base is the fountainhead for all the improvements your team needs to become more effective

With Dixa, we are set up for success. We have a platform that allows our team to resolve customer questions quickly, easily, and with the insights to continuously improve, all while increasing efficiency and staying lean as we scale.”

Katherine Pan VP of Creator Support, Podia

I take a data-driven approach to customer service and Dixa helps me do that. Dixa allows us to monitor performance metrics such as response times, ticket volumes, customer satisfaction scores, and agent productivity. These insights help identify areas for improvement, optimize processes, and enhance overall efficiency.”

Cristina Martinez Senior Director of Customer Experience, Whisker

We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. To unlock that opportunity, we needed a  platform that was within the same mindset around not having siloed ways of thinking and working. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder.”

Rob Pierce Customer Operations Director, Rapha
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