You name it,
we’ve got it.

Your customers are reaching out from an ever-growing range of channels (calls, chats, DMs), but with Dixa, your agents only need one platform— and one screen!— to answer.

Every channel, even voice

We have voice, email, chat, and social messaging on one beautiful screen.

Consistent UX

Transform the agent experience by providing a consistent, intuitive user experience.

Prioritize cross-channel

Ensure urgent inquiries are always handled first, regardless of channel.

A truly channel-agnostic platform.

Maybe the phrase ‘channel agnostic’ is new to you, but the concept is quite simple. No matter where your customers are writing–or calling–from, you can answer them, straight from Dixa, right out of the box. It’s not a plugin. It’s not an added feature with a hidden cost. To us, it’s the foundation on which great customer experiences are built.

Your customers are on a lot of channels.
To answer them, your agents just need one.


Explore our flexible, full-featured phone system that runs in your browser.

Live Chat

Meet your customers when they are most engaged and ready to chat.

Dixa Messenger

Offer a seamless messaging experience across channels & devices.


Decrease costs while increasing loyalty with automation that doesn’t deflect but engages.


Organize your inbox with intelligent routing and powerful workflows.

Facebook Messenger

Meet your customers where they are, and elevate your CX with convenient communication.


Be available on the #1 messaging app in the world.


Boost sales by engaging with your customers in-app.

Give agency to your agents.

All channels are natively built into Dixa, enabling agents to set themselves as active on multiple channels at once. Meanwhile, managers have visibility into agent activity, and can ensure no channel gets backed up. If one channel needs support, an agent can be there with just a click (and without even switching tabs).

Know your customers by name, not by channel.

Customer journeys are varied: rarely do they follow a set path or use just one device. Because Dixa is channel agnostic, it doesn’t matter if Sarah sent an email, called, then started a chat: her conversation (and purchase) history is available from all channels. Meaning your agents have all the context they need to provide personalized, non-repetitive, service.

Go beyond channels and devices: discover our Messenger.

Dixa Messenger combines the power of our automation, knowledge & routing for a seamless experience cross channels & device.

Scale your customer service org with cross-channel automations.

Ensure your customers’ most urgent requests are handled in a timely manner by creating smart flows and automations.

“Using Dixa to engage with customers as though each separate contact is part of one unified conversation has been a game-changer.”

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