Build customer trust with Facebook Messenger.

1 in 6 people want to talk to you on Facebook Messenger. Be there!

Dixa Facebook Messenger

Create friendships through convenient conversations

Strengthen bonds with customers by offering them a convenient and friendly way to engage with your brand that also enables them to multitask while waiting for a response. Reply to Facebook messages alongside chats, emails and calls from one single system to ensure agents always have the information they need to deliver quick, personal support.

Dixa customer service channels
Dixa customer service channels
Dixa workflows

Be available with no extra effort

Adding channels doesn’t have to mean more tools or an increased workload
Dixa Facebook Messenger
Dixa Facebook Messenger
Dixa Facebook Messenger Conversation

Use Messenger any way you like, we support it all!

Keep conversations flowing with our Messenger integration

Key features

Be available

Provide your customers with another friendly way to get in touch. They will thank you for it!

Set limits

Adjust workload limits for Facebook messages to ensure a smooth transition for your team.

Track conversations

See what your Facebook traffic looks like and compare data to other channels in analytics.

Dixa Customer Service Software Interface
  • “We successfully rolled out Dixa in 8 countries in just over a month. For new countries, it now only takes us a couple of days to go live.”
    Andreas Sachse
    COO – Too Good To Go
  • “After Valentine’s Day it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days.”
    Iman Safari
    Customer Service Manager – Interflora
  • “We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder.”
    Rob Pierce
    Customer Operations Director – Rapha

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