Dixa for Pet Care & Food

Attract more pet parents with Dixa

Want to keep pet parents coming back for more? Stand out with personalized service (like remembering Spot’s name) made easy with Dixa’s easy-to-use interface and built-in conversation history.

Take it Omnichannel

Provide unified customer support across all your channels from one platform, connecting with your customers in a meaningful way.

Increase Conversions

Be available to your customers when they are most engaged with your brand to answer questions and make the sale.

Gain Repeat Customers

Build customer trust and loyalty by consistently delivering personalized support experiences across all channels.

Build trust with personalized interactions at scale

Building trust with pet parents is simple-remember them and their furry loved ones, and personalize service to their needs! But doing this for more and more customers and their pets as you grow can be a challenge. With Dixa, you can customize every pet parent experience by automatically connecting them to the right agent based on rules you set–for example, what type of pet they have, where they’re based, how complex their inquiry is, and more. Plus, make it easy for customers to chat with the same agent every time to establish a deeper connection and keep pets and pet parents coming back for more.

Prioritize your most important conversations with pet parents

With Dixa, inquiries are prioritized based on criteria you set yourself instead of on a channel by channel basis. So you can customize Dixa to match the way you already do business. This saves agents from having to manually sort through inboxes searching for high priority messages and allows Dixa to work with you. Whether a pet parent in urgent need is reaching out or there’s an issue with a shipment of their regular dog food or maybe a special treat, customers are automatically prioritized and connected with the agent most qualified to help them.

Dixa, every Pet brand’s best friend

Optimize with automations

Avoid having to execute repetitive manual tasks–automate them instead. Let go of worrying about customers who may have been left waiting too long. Instead, customers with simple questions can get help via self-service, while more complex questions can be sent straight to agents with powerful automations and triggers.
Automate work like tagging, common replies, and routing the right conversation to the right agent to save time and ensure things continue running smoothly regardless of busy times or unexpected spikes.

✔ Auto-replies
✔ Re-queue conversations
✔ Auto-tagging

Deliver omnichannel customer experiences

Keep up with pet parents across phone, email, chat, and messaging apps by funneling all customer engagement into one unified platform. Meet customers wherever you already do–but let Dixa help you do it faster and more effortlessly.

Make it easy for agents to be heroes

Equip agents with the data and context they need to provide effortless support so they can avoid having to reference other systems or ask customers to repeat themselves and be transferred across multiple agents. Dixa can empower agents by surfacing internal help articles automatically to help agents guide customers.

✔ Customer recognition
✔ Complete conversation history
✔ Automated agent suggestions and knowledge base

Explore Dixa Agent Hub.

Give your agents everything they need in one intuitive workspace.

Explore Chatbot capabilities.

Automate up to 80% of your requests so you can focus on high-value inquiries.

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