Customer Success & Onboarding

Empowering Your Journey with Dixa


Get ready to go live

  • Help setting up your Dixa account
  • Training of your customer service team*
  • Train the trainer*
  • Porting of phone numbers
  • Assistance with phone announcements & routing
  • SPF verification of email domains
  • Coordination of go live*


Customer success manager

Go live

What to expect the day of

  • Support available to assist you with anything
  • On-site presence*
  • Troubleshooting should any issues occur


Customer success manager

Go live evaluation

Follow up and continued roll-out

  • Collection of feedback from go live experience
  • Help tweaking your setup to make sure it fits your needs
  • Support of a tiered roll-out plan
  • Adding more channels and countries
  • Porting of phone numbers
  • Assistance from the customer success manager as your single-point-of-contact


Customer success manager

Ongoing support

Support & feature requests forever

  • Support for both admins and agents:
  • 24/7 in-app chat support
  • 24/7 email support
  • Daytime phone support (CET)
  • Access to our customer feedback platform which includes feature requests, a direct line to our product team, and access to our roadmap
  • Bug reports


Dixa Support for support issues
Dixa customer feedback platform for feature requests

*This can incur in a consulting fee. As a rule of thumb, on-site presence and training is not included in the price.

Please note, the information above is simply an outline of what resources are available to you. If you have specific needs that are not covered here, we’ll work with you to accommodate those needs as well. We anticipate having chats with customers about specific needs and requirements during the trial period and throughout the decision-making process as well. Just remember, you can always contact your customer success manager to get specialized assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Who will you be getting help from?

Our customer success managers are experienced managers from the industry who understand all the processes related to running a support team, as well as the technology used to support those processes. Aside from getting help with Dixa, you can also get expert advice on creating the best customer experiences and most efficient processes.

Leading up to, during and a couple of weeks after the go live phase, you will have a direct line to a designated customer success manager. He or she will act as your single-point-of-contact and will provide assistance in setting up your account, training your staff, etc. 

Once the go live phase is successfully completed, both your admins and your agents will be able to get help from our support team for support issues. This is simply to ensure the fastest possible response time. Your customer success manager will still remain in the loop and can jump in to help when needed.

How does training work?

We mostly train both agents and admins directly, but we also offer a “train the trainer” program. Both onsite and remote training are available. 

Training agents and admins generally only takes an hour for each group.  

As part of the training, we can also create a guide on how to use Dixa that’s specifically customized for your company. We find that this works well as a quick reference during onboarding.

Feedback & feature requests

We continually improve Dixa based on our customers’ feedback. We’ll invite your admins to our feedback platform where you and other Dixa customers can request & prioritize new features. These are reviewed weekly by our product team, who will also notify you when the status of features you’ve expressed interest in are updated. Lastly, you will get full access to our development roadmap.

How to get a customer success manager

Once you’ve created your account you’ll hear from our customer success team. Sometimes – depending on your needs – your customer success manager will be in touch early on. Other times you’ll meet him or her once you’re done testing and have made a decision to go forward with Dixa.