HAI: Human + AI

Connect like a human, resolve like a machine

Technology that builds human connections

There’s nothing better than the feeling of hanging up the phone (or closing the chat) knowing that you made a difference in someone’s day.

When we introduced AI to our platform, we knew that some people would assume that agents were on their way out, becoming less and less necessary before maybe disappearing completely. 

The thing is, that customer whose day you made—who you connected with and helped—wouldn’t have been able to experience that with a machine. 

Fundamentally, customer service is about people helping people. And the connections you make doing this can transform your business, helping you secure loyal customers for life.

Say “hey” to HAI (Human + AI)

Your agents are the face of your brand. Getting rid of them is simply not an option. But using AI to enable them to be even better – faster, more knowledgeable, less-stressed? That’s something we’d put our money behind. So we did. 

At Dixa, we’re investing in AI that helps your team be their best selves so your customers always leave with a smile. 

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