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Customer Service Software in 2023

Dixa’s fast, efficient and effective customer service software brings every customer interaction together in a single seamless conversation.

What is customer service and why is it important?

Customer service is the series of touchpoints that you have with your customers as they move through the different stages of interacting with your products or services. Because your customer service is an important extension of your brand, it’s vital that your customers have positive interactions with you when they come (virtually) knocking. They should feel supported and listened to, which in turn will help to increase their trust and loyalty. Customers have more channels than ever before to reach out on, which means delivering a unified customer service experience is more challenging than ever. The right customer support software helps you cover all of your bases, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to make that lasting impression.

How do you provide the best customer service?

It starts with finding the right customer service software. At Dixa, we make it easy for brands to create stronger bonds with their customers through our customer service platform. Today’s consumers have come to expect a level of service that goes beyond the old question and answer paradigm and progresses into a meaningful relationship. Dixa facilitates this relationship-building with our customer support software. By bringing every channel together into one screen, Dixa’s “one-screen wonder” lets you streamline your customer service systems, getting rid of silos and saving you time and money.

“We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. In order to unlock that opportunity we needed a platform that was within the same mindset around not having siloed ways of thinking and working. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder.”

Rob Pierce, Customer Operations Director at Rapha

What are the benefits of using customer service software?

Benefits for the manager:

  • Avoid burnout and high churn on your customer service team
  • Save money by consolidating your customer support systems
  • Get real-time stats on how your agents are performing
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring the right conversations go to the right agents
  • Offer a unified customer experience across channels
  • Capture valuable abandoned conversations by nudging agents when a conversation has been abandoned

Benefits for the agent:

  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world (you just need an internet connection!)
  • Have meaningful interactions with your customers
  • Optimize your workflow and save time by minimizing repetitive tasks
  • Get customer info at the tip of your fingers with our built-in CRM
  • Rid yourself of duplicate inquiries from the same customer on different channels
  • Save time by accessing your most-repeated answers with just the click of a button

Say goodbye to missed connections with Dixa’s automated customer support software

Everyone knows that overburdened customer service teams lead to agent burnout, high staff turnover and unhappy customers. Automating your customer service with Dixa’s customer support software allows you to make this a thing of the past. Our customer support solution features advanced distribution algorithms that ensure that the right question reaches the right agent at the right moment, regardless of the conversation channel. Our skill-based routing option ensures that your customers speak to the most relevant agent, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. With Dixa’s customer service portal, you can save your most-used responses to use with the click of a button, saving time and providing a unified customer experience across channels. In order to fully automate customer service, it’s important to make use of all of Dixa’s efficiency-enhancing tools. Capture abandoned conversations by offering calls or chats that have been abandoned as new conversations to agents. Shape your ideal call, chat and email experience with Dixa’s easy-to-use drag and drop channel flow editors and make real-time changes as you go.

Get connected with Dixa’s omnichannel customer service software

Dixa’s customer service systems keep things light by running entirely in your browser or via our desktop app for PC or Mac. By bringing together every channel: phone, email, chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp into one pristine and easy-to-use interface, you avoid losing important customers due to lack of organization. Ensure a customer never has to repeat themselves, anticipating issues before they snowball. Set your agents up for success with Dixa’s easy-to-use customer service platform.

Work smarter with Dixa’s data-driven customer service tools

Take the guesswork out of running your customer support team. Make data-driven decisions with our customer service software. How are your agents performing? Where are the inefficiencies in their workflows? With our detailed analytics, managers gain access to valuable insights about their teams. Our advanced filters allow you to break down the data, and our built-in CRM allows you to save customer information for easy access. Make better data-driven decisions with our customer support tools. Customers expect a new level of service and familiarity with their favorite brands and personalized customer service based on data is the only way to remain competitive.

How much does customer service software cost?

Depending on the size of your company, you will have different customer service requirements. We offer three plans which take into account the size and complexity of your organization: Professional, Premium and Platinum. The Professional plan clocks in at €89 / agent / month and is perfect if you have a small to medium-sized company with a team that’s serious about delivering exceptional service and engaging your customers in a meaningful way. The Premium plan (€129 / agent / month) is ideal for a team in a high-growth environment that needs to support the business with data-led customer support as it grows. Last but not least, the Platinum plan (€159 / agent / month) offers enterprise-level SLA and compliance and gives you the tools to easily scale your customer support solutions on a global level.

When do I need customer service software?

You know it’s time to invest in customer service software when you become serious about delivering an exceptional customer experience and putting your customers first. You may see your agents drowning in emails and notice your online reviews are mostly negative. Perhaps you’re noticing high churn on your team and lacking an easy way to keep track of your different channels. You may even be using multiple systems to try and cover different channels, spending more money than makes sense and providing a confusing customer experience. With the right customer service software, you can consolidate your customer support systems, saving budget to use towards growing your business in a sustainable way.

Which is the best customer service software?

When deciding on the best customer service software for your business, it’s important to take into account the type of experience you want to deliver, as well as where the industry is headed. At Dixa, we encourage conversational customer engagement which means moving away from ticketing software and towards meaningful and impactful interactions with your customers. More than just a number on a list to be checked off, we see customers as potential advocates who have the power to promote your company in their networks. When comparing Dixa with Zendesk and Freshdesk, the most important thing to note is that they rely upon legacy ticketing solutions, while we are firmly anti-ticketing. As customers grow to expect more personalized experiences, Dixa’s approach of treating customers like friends sets the tone for the next generation of engagement.

What is the best way of managing customer service?

The key to managing your customer service is to ensure that you remain consistent, both in terms of responsiveness and brand messaging. Customer service, at its heart, comes down to communication. How well you do this determines your brand’s reputation among consumers. Many brands rely on a patchwork combination of different customer service solutions, which can often lead to overspending as well as irregularities in the customer experience. A customer should encounter the same level of service regardless of the channel(s) they reach out on. When you unify your channels on one screen, you gain access to customer history and can offer a more personalized experience.

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