Quality Assurance

See the big picture.

Understand the holistic view of your customer service operations performance and optimize with QA.

A better way to manage

Centralize customer service management for visibility into performance

Motivate your agents

Empower agents to improve and succeed with insights and enablement

Optimize your org

Improve efficiency with a holistic view of your entire department

Assign & schedule reviews automatically.

Based on your selection criteria, Dixa QA will choose and assign interactions to be audited based on priority. No more cherry-picking which agents and conversations are reviewed – scheduling is in your hands and a holistic performance review is at your fingertips.

Customize your QA scorecards to drive improvement.

Customize Dixa QA across all communication channels for all teams. Centralized results give managers and agents quick and easy access to insights for greater transparency and actionable information for true improvements.

Empower agents with transparent feedback.

Your agents deserve recognition for success and also need feedback on mistakes. Notify agents when an interaction is being reviewed and equip them with an easy-to-digest report packed with tips, so they can make better decisions the next time.

Team performance is enhanced with our knowledge base.

Give your agents the exact information they need, just when they need it.

Utilize your agents where you need them most with Dixa Bot.

Empower your agents to focus on high-value, complex queries with conversational AI.

“With Dixa, we’ve been able to gain a true overview of our customer experience across all channels, allowing us to better serve our customers, and making for a better agent experience as well.”

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