Dixa Messenger

More than a messenger.

Keep your customers connected with a seamless messaging experience across channels and devices. One messenger – all the power of Dixa.

Maximize your impact

Deliver automated service day or night with integrated chatbots.

Made for mobile

Chat with your customers in-app for a hassle-free experience.

Boost engagement

Keep your customers engaged with push notifications.

Keep it simple with a single point of contact.

Combine live chat, self-service, and chatbots in one messenger that works seamlessly across apps, websites, and mobile. Create the optimal customer journey for every situation, chat in real-time, or utilize a contact form if you’re OOO. Top it off with flawless handovers between human and automated service.

Harness the power of mobile.

Let your customers connect with you on their terms. Set up our mobile SDK in just one day and keep the conversation flowing in-app and across devices. Maximize mobile engagement with push notifications for both iOS and Android, and deliver seamless mobile service in 15+ languages. See the positive reviews roll in and your CSAT jump.

Give your agents superpowers.

Set your agents up for success with intelligent routing and automatic knowledge prompts from our integrated knowledge base. Match each customer query to the right agent and prioritize the most important ones. Plus, improve agent experience, boost efficiency, and solve problems faster with one unified view of conversations.

Share the love knowledge.

With a customer-facing knowledge base, your customers get the answers they’re looking for—inside Dixa Messenger—before they ever need to connect with an agent. Deliver fast and accurate answers with no agent involvement and give your team more time to focus on complex questions.

Showcase your personality.

Customize the look and feel of Dixa Messenger to fit your brand’s visual identity and make your customers feel at home. Choose your own color scheme, and display agent profile photos to build trust and familiarity. Plus, send files back and forth (yes, this means you can send customers gifs!).

Explore Dixa Agent Hub.

Give your agents everything they need in one intuitive workspace.

Explore Dynamic Knowlege.

Keep your knowledge fresh with our Ai-powered Knowledge Base.

Ready to transform customer experiences?

Book a personalized demo to see Dixa in action.