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Launched in 2008, this dynamic Danish company is committed to bringing consumers an extensive range of quality products by upmarket brands. Their portfolio includes haircare, skincare, fragrance, and makeup products at highly competitive prices. BEAUTYCOS has achieved consistent growth since it was established more than a decade ago. Today, it has an online and brick-and-mortar presence in Denmark, the UK, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.


Odense, Denmark



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The Challenge

As a customer-focused brand with a passion for delivering an outstanding experience, BEAUTYCOS had become increasingly frustrated with their service software. One of the biggest challenges was the total lack of customer interaction/conversation history. They’d receive multiple emails and calls from a single customer, but agents had no idea if they had been dealt with by a colleague on a different channel. To provide a quality experience, BEAUTYCOS’ agents needed to know if a customer had already provided important details about themselves and/or their issue.

Another serious challenge BEAUTYCOS faced was the lack of an overview for customer inquiries in different regions. With consumers across Europe, Beautycos needed clear insights into the level of service they offered in the UK, Germany, and across their other locations, to identify potential issues and improvement opportunities. Plus, BEAUTYCOS’ support agents used a shared inbox for interacting with consumers via email. Some would start dealing with email inquiries from the top, some from the bottom, and they would meet halfway, sometimes colliding. The shared inbox approach also meant that cherry picking was commonplace.This was an inefficient methodology for dealing with customers promptly. BEAUTYCOS recognized that this system was in dire need of an update. They just lacked the software to do so.

Call forwarding was another hurdle the BEAUTYCOS team wanted to clear by switching to Dixa. The company’s previous software was phone-based only, offering call forwarding via connected mobile phones. But the steps involved meant that this process was far more complicated and time-consuming than it should have been.

Before Dixa, we struggled to get an overview of all of our different channels and regions. With Dixa, we’ve been able to gain a true overview of our customer experience across all channels, allowing us to better serve our customers, and making for a better agent experience as well.”

Christian Hartzberg Partner BEAUTYCOS

The Solution

A fully integrated customer service solution

With their previous software, BEAUTYCOS found various tasks difficult due to the lack of organization and overall disconnected structure. Finding information on customers, and from different regions, was often an inconvenience. But since switching to Dixa, BEAUTYCOS has noticed a real transformation in their customer service. Everything is connected. Agents can answer calls directly from Dixa for a faster, more efficient response. They can also view a customer’s interaction history to understand the channels they’ve previously used and issues they’ve reported. Managers have found Dixa incredibly beneficial in maintaining fluid processes too. They can use tags for more effective referencing, check statistics to measure agent productivity, track KPIs, and more.

A more intuitive platform for a better agent experience

A well-trained, well-organized, well-equipped customer service team is vital to deliver an outstanding experience. And Dixa’s intuitive design has empowered BEAUTYCOS’ agents to enhance their productivity and overall performance. As this user-friendly platform helps agents find the information they need, at any time, they’re assisting customers quicker than ever. For example, an agent can access a caller’s details within seconds while they speak, saving them the time and frustration of trying to ascertain that information themselves.

A more personalized approach to customer service

Personalized service is a common trait in brands that truly value their customers. And with Dixa, BEAUTYCOS’ agents now have the tools and insights to understand customers sooner — getting both new and follow-up interactions off to a better start. Thanks to this increased personalization, BEAUTYCOS can now ensure that the right agents answer the right call. This saves time that might previously have been spent bouncing customers from one agent to another, or trying to determine the nature of their inquiry. And because it’s channel-neutral, Dixa centralizes interactions — agents can switch between channels seamlessly.

Improved customer experience with Dixa’s callback feature

No customer wants to wait to speak with an agent when there are a dozen or more other people ahead of them in a virtual line. But that’s no longer an issue with BEAUTYCOS: Dixa’s callback feature enables customers to leave their number if they don’t want to wait in line. An agent will call them back automatically as soon as one becomes available. This saves customers from waiting on hold longer than they want to, or needing to reach out on another channel.

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