Best Call Center Software 2023

Call Center Software

Dixa’s fully customizable and easy-to-use call center software runs entirely in your browser, empowering agents with a complete customer history

What is call center software?

Call center software helps you receive, respond to and keep track of phone calls from your customers. Finding the right call center software for your business is key, as customers today have come to expect a higher level of service than ever before. Dixa’s call center solutions utilize intelligent call distribution, which includes skill-based routing, setting priorities and offering a backup with overflow, ensuring your customers receive the optimal level of service any time they engage with your brand.

Who should use call center software?

Despite being spoiled for choice when it comes to modes of communication, it turns out you still can’t beat a human-to-human connection. While it’s important to offer a full suite of channels for customers to reach out through, studies show that consumers still rate being able to reach out by phone as one of the most important factors when rating a company’s overall level of service. That being said, phone support is one of the most costly and complex forms of support for a company to engage in. Managing a call center is time consuming and its efficacy is difficult to track. The right call center software solves this, by offering you smart, data-driven modes of working, optimizing your service level, improving agent performance and productivity and providing a higher level of service to your customers.

Can cloud call cloud center software help us work remotely?

Yes! Dixa’s call center solutions are cloud-based, enabling you to work from anywhere in the world (you just need an internet connection). Avoid the overhead associated with a large number of agents under one roof and empower them to work remotely.

Talking should be easy

And with our contact center solution it is. Our intelligent ACD allows you to set up and manage automatic call distribution with ease, no need for IT. Our VoIP phone system runs entirely in your browser, making it easy to build a system that meets your needs. Your business is growing and changing and when it’s time to make changes or updates it’s easy to do so with our call center system.

Knowledge is Power

Gain access to complete customer histories, empowering your agents with an overview of all previous conversations, increasing positive interactions and allowing agents to answer questions in a meaningful way. Use skill-based routing to ensure a customer speaks to the agent best suited to their question.

Key call center software features

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

And no limit on queues, either. No need to worry about phone lines or maximum capacity anymore.

Customer information

Customer Recognition

Recognize your customers the second they reach out based on the email address and phone number to provide personalized support.

Intelligent Routing

Route calls based on agent skills, prioritize between different queues, set up your own IVR, announcements and more.

Blind & Assisted Transfers

Route calls based on agent skills, prioritize between different queues, set up your own IVR, announcements and more.

Call Recording

Record both inbound and outbound calls and replay them at any time.

Offer Callback Option

Offer your customers an option to be called back instead of waiting in queue.

What are the benefits of using call center software?

Benefits for the manager:

  • Make Changes on the Fly: Don’t sweat busy periods or unexpected events, make live updates to your setup without assistance from IT at any moment.
  • Barge In & Call Recording: Barge in on phone calls to assist or simply listen in on your agents’ calls. Record and replay any call, whether inbound or outbound.
  • Analytics: View real-time or historical team stats and export all conversation data to create reports of your own.

Benefits for the agent:

  • Work Remotely & On the Road: As Dixa only requires an internet connection, you can do your customer support from home… or anywhere!
  • Know your customers: Dixa automatically recognizes calling customers and looks up any previous or ongoing conversations for reference. You can even display data from your own systems with our custom integrations.
  • Collaborate: Make internal calls and both assisted and blind transfers to problem solve as a team. Utilize notes and tags on conversations as a reference later on.

Set up your call center in minutes

Upgrade your customer experience. Intelligent ACD, skill-based routing, IVR menus, opening hours and more mean your customers always get the help they need with ease. Prioritize customers: Give certain calls priority over others to ensure the most important ones get handled first during peak times. Choose how calls are offered: With skill-based routing, offer calls to the best suited agents first before expanding to other teams automatically by choosing between several different offer algorithms.

Scale with ease
Our systems auto-scale up and down, so you never have to worry about phone lines or how many ongoing or queued calls you can have. You also won’t need to spend money on maintenance and hardware.

Make live updates without IT
Add or remove agents and new channels (such as email, chat and messenger) at any time. Scaling up and down is completely free – no hidden charges or fees.

Better for agents and customers
Cloud-based software gives support teams the freedom to work from anywhere while modern features and functionality makes it easy to provide quick and helpful support every time. Check out our pricing

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