Modern email support for better customer experiences.

Organize your inbox with intelligent routing and powerful workflows.

Respond faster

Automatically offer emails to the best suited available agent from the start through push notifications and avoid sorting through shared inboxes.

Know your customers

Display every customer’s conversation history along with relevant data for agents through contact recognition to deliver quick, personal support.

Personalized customer service conversation
Dixa Custom Card Integration Displaying Customer Data For Agents

Empower agents with data

View customer data from external systems in Dixa through custom integrations and avoid having to look up order history, tracking, etc., elsewhere.

Dixa vs. Others

To keep agents from searching for the easiest emails in their inbox, Dixa routes all conversations directly to agents based on priority and agent skill set. This way agents can focus on helping the customer at hand, and customers receive the attention they deserve from the start, regardless of the channels used or the complexity of their issue.

A flexible & scalable phone system

Queues & routing

Queue emails based on priority and automatically route them to the most qualified available agent to improve FCR & CSAT.

Customer information

Customer recognition

Recognize your customers the second they reach out based on the email address and phone number to provide personalized support.

Manage multiple inboxes

Direct multiple email addresses to Dixa and manage all inboxes in one browser window with different queues and stats for each.

Quick response

Avoid writing the same responses over and over again by inserting commonly used replies and phrases instantly.

Auto replies

Send auto-replies to customers when they contact you to manage customer expectations and increase self-service.

SPF support

Send and receive emails from your own email addresses within the interface to create a familiar customer experience.

Make changes
in real time

Never worry about the complexity of hidden routing rules again. Adjust your setup in minutes with an easy, visual drag and drop flow builder.

Enjoy unlimited conversations

Conversations help build strong customer relationships. Chat, email, message as much as you like–no hidden charges or limits!

Customize to
your needs

Gain full control over your setup without help from IT. Utilize integrations and a built-in CRM to give agents the data they need in one view.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.