The 5 biggest myths about customer support automation

Building a balanced approach to automation for stronger ecommerce conversations

No topic has been more popular, or more hotly-debated, among service leaders over the past ten years than self-service automation. And for good reason; it turns out, customers often prefer to solve problems on their own—and it’s 10x more cost effective when they do!

But while automation plays an important role in improving operational efficiency and overall customer experience, its true impact often doesn’t measure up to its reputation. As self-service adoption has continued to rise, assisted contact volumes have not fallen correspondingly. So how can customer service leaders build a healthy balance between automation and assisted conversations?

Watch the webinar below, hosted by Dixa and our friends at DigitalGenius as we separate fact from fiction, covering key automation myths as well as what service leaders can do to build an automation strategy that truly delivers.

Fact or fiction?

  • Customers only want to have one type of service experience
  • Automation cannot provide personalized service
  • Automation will replace human support entirely
  • Customer support automation is another word for chatbot
  • Automation only benefits customers

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