Dixa Acquires Australian AI Knowledge Platform, Elevio

The acquisition supports Dixa’s long term vision to simplify more aspects of customer service through personalization and machine learning.
Dixa Acquires Australian Knowledge AI Platform Elevio

When we raised $36M USD in Series B funding just one year ago, we planned to move into hypergrowth, scaling the organization and accelerating our product development. And despite it being far from the year any of us expected, we still managed to do this, more than doubling our revenue in 2020, tripling our product & engineering team, and launching more than 100 high-value features. We boosted efficiency, customer satisfaction and agent happiness and transitioned from product acceleration to liftoff 🚀. Now, we’re kickstarting 2021 with a very exciting announcement: Dixa has acquired Melbourne-based knowledge platform startup, Elevio!

This acquisition will accelerate Dixa’s vision to improve customer experiences through smarter and more streamlined customer support. With Elevio’s intelligent knowledge-centered platform, we will further empower support agents and internal teams in enriching customer friendships by leveraging knowledge, automation, machine learning, and human feedback –– in unity.

Smarter, faster

The unique solution Elevio has built will help us provide the right help to end-users at the right time, so that customers and agents spend less time on frequently raised issues, enabling that time to be focused instead on meaningful and personalized interactions –– building customer friendships.

Elevio automatically delivers relevant user guides and information to customers, support agents, and internal teams based on message content. The impact of this is continuously measured, which ensures easy optimization of content and better service, not to mention the time saved searching for answers.

Putting together guides and building a knowledge base doesn’t require any technical skills, so people with all levels of technical knowledge can participate. It also intelligently suggests updates and additions using machine learning, for example when the content has not been edited in a while, users will receive a prompt. Multi-language support ensures there are no barriers to surfacing the right answer.

Stronger together

After having partnered with Dixa for two years, as well as integrating with many of our competitors, Elevio knows the customer support solutions market extremely well. They recognized in Dixa a kindred spirit on the same path to disrupt an industry that has been slow to change. 

“We’re integrated with many customer support platforms but we feel that choosing to become a part of Dixa is a natural next step, as we share the same vision of making customer support less frustrating and more meaningful. There’s no company better at delivering multichannel customer support from a single screen than Dixa, and adding our knowledge base to that experience makes complete sense for agents and their customers.” Elevio Co-founder Chris Duell told me.

Long-term strategy 

We recognize that knowledge management is a key part of building the best customer engagement platform on the market. We believe Elevio to be the finest knowledge platform available, so the decision to bring them in-house was a great way to reach this goal. We’re excited to see the difference we can make in the agent and customer experience by joining forces. 

Will the Dixa user experience change?

There will be no significant changes to how Dixa users experience the platform. Dixa already integrates with Elevio so those users who already have this product will not experience any changes. The acquisition will, however, provide a great opportunity for a more impactful integration which will allow us to offer all our users an even stronger data-driven experience.

About Dixa

Since the global launch in 2018, Dixa has grown from just 12 to over 170 employees, with offices in Copenhagen, London, Kyiv, Berlin, and Melbourne, and plans to open offices in New York and Amsterdam by the end of this year. Dixa doubled its revenues during 2020 and has raised more than $50 million in funding to date with backing from Notion Capital, Project A Ventures, and SEED Capital.

About Elevio

Elevio, with a global customer base of over 500, was founded in 2015 by co-founders Chris Duell and Matt Trimarchi, with backing from Australian VCs Blackbird and AirTree Ventures.  Both of Elevio’s co-founders will join Dixa’s team in key roles for the long term and become shareholders, and the company’s entire workforce, based in Melbourne, London, and Toronto, will also transition to Dixa to more deeply integrate the two platforms.


Mads Fosselius

CEO & Co-founder of Dixa

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