Say Hello to Personalized Service Powered by Customer Data

We are now making it even easier to deliver great customer service. By utilizing external data from companies’ own systems, Dixa allows you to personalize and prioritize the customer service experience like never before.

We call it Contextual Routing.

People are different – and so are their customer journeys. That’s why no customer service interaction should be the same. We believe that context and data should be the deciding factor for great customer engagement.

The good news is that modern technology gives brands and companies a chance to learn more about their customers by collecting customer data across an exploding number of touchpoints. The bad news is that it’s difficult for them to use this data in a meaningful way in real-time and at scale.

That changes now. With the addition of Contextual Routing within our Flow Builder, it’s finally possible for brands and companies to utilize their customer data to automate and personalize their customer service experience to a degree that previously hasn’t been possible.

Essentially, now our users can fetch any data from their own systems, such as the CLTV from their Shopify account, and route incoming inquiries to a specific agent or team based on customer data. This increases efficiency and accuracy when routing customers to the agent best suited to assist them.

For instance, if the customer calling in has a Net Promoter Score (e.g. Delighted) lower than 3, Dixa’s Contextual Routing can route this conversation to a specific queue or agent handling frustrated or unhappy customers.

What is even cooler is that this feature enables customer service teams to set up how they want to route customers without needing to rely on developers, heavy integrations or IT since everything is done in our drag-n-drop Flow Builder which requires no code.

These new capabilities are part of Dixa’s mission to help brands worldwide build friendly and strong relationships with customers.

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