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Dixa’s Conversational Platform helps celebrate increase efficiency with automation while consolidating their tech stack

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European leader for customizable greeting cards and web-to-print market.

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Switched From: Help Scout & talkdesk


Gilching, Germany


150-350 agents (at peak)



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Magento: Open-source eCommerce platform acquired by Adobe
Tableau: Data visualization software acquired by Salesforce


of all phone calls answered within 30 seconds


shorter onboarding



The Situation

celebrate Company is the umbrella company for several market-leading European brands in customizable greeting cards. Companies in their portfolio include kartenmacherei, mintkind, faireparterie and Atelier Rosemood. celebrate also has a photo sharing app and two in-house print production companies in Germany and France. All of celebrate’s brands are design-loving, high-quality print product companies that offer exceptional service. 

celebrate’s vision is to turn people’s meaningful moments into lasting memories so they can share them, gift them or enjoy them over and over again. The company’s culture is based on wanting to change their customers’ lives for the better with high quality products, a simple customer journey, and extraordinary customer service. Everyone contributes with know-how, experience and passion as a team and as a company. 

The service team’s mission is “to delight our customers with unique and passionate service inspired by our caring and appreciative team spirit.” Team members help customers find the right product for every occasion as well as handling customer queries such as shipping requests, delivery status, and processing of returns from logistics partners.

The Challenge

celebrate initially began its search for a new customer service solution for kartenmacherei and fairepaterie with the idea of onboarding additional brands as they grew. Both these brands had similar customer service technology stacks and processes and were facing similar challenges in different markets.

During peak times we had up to 4 agents a day spending their full time manually tagging and assigning tickets to the right teams. Today we don’t need any! Dixa automatically tags all conversations, regardless of channel, to categories so they get redirected into the right queue. Everything is done automatically.”

Benedikt Peine Unit Lead Service celebrate

The first challenge they wanted to address was their reliance on high levels of hiring to overcome systemic inefficiencies and seasonal peaks. Second, the customer service team felt their tech stack were holding their company growth back by not providing the data and processes they needed to scale. Before Dixa, their customer service systems included an order tool, Help Scout for email, talkdesk for their telephony requirements, Magento as a shop system, and Google Sheets for their KPIs and reporting. Siloed systems and communication channels created operational inefficiencies and time-consuming manual processes. Third, their poor agent experience was having an impact on their team’s ability to deliver the personalized customer experience they wanted to deliver.

The Solution

In February 2021, celebrate selected Dixa as the Conversational Customer Service Platform for their portfolio of brands. celebrate is using Dixa’s entire platform, including the knowledge base and quality assurance features, to create an effortless experience for both their agents and customers that creates loyalty and drives business growth.

One of the things that initially impressed celebrate was the thoughtfulness of the sales processes. Rather than just give a demonstration and send a proposal, Dixa’s sales team asked important questions to discover celebrate’s challenges and goals. Understanding the business enabled Dixa to propose a solution that would help the service team be successful. It was exactly the approach and mindset that celebrate was looking for in a technology solution partner.

Before Dixa, the average onboarding time of new agents was between 3-8 weeks, due to siloed and complicated processes and systems. Today, it only takes a new full time person 2 weeks. With Dixa’s knowledge base we hire up to 200 temps during peak season and they are onboarded in only one week. That’s a tremendous savings without a dip in quality.”

Benedikt Peine Unit Lead Service celebrate

Breaking down silos between systems creates efficiency and effectiveness in the customer experience

Before Dixa, celebrate was nearly using a different software for each of their service channels. With Dixa, celebrate has now broken down the silos between their systems which makes their processes and customer interactions much more efficient and effective. Dixa Channels includes all service channels natively built into Dixa so customers have the convenience of reaching out on their preferred channel to find answers themselves—instantly—or, at the very least, receive a seamless handover to a knowledgeable agent without having to repeat themselves. Their agents are now able to use the same easy-to-use interface and functionalities between the different customer channels and that allows them to offer a more personalized experience.

An intuitive platform with a powerful knowledge base that helps both customers and agents

Using Dixa’s knowledge management features, onboarding new service team members has never been easier. Through various onboarding and training modules, new employees can independently go through and learn on their own, in a very modular way. This is combined with personal sessions by internal quality managers. With Dixa, celebrate was able to scale the service team size from 150 to 350 employees in a very short time as well as reduce the onboarding time by 75%, from 8 to 2 weeks.

The teams also make use of internal guides and related knowledge base articles to improve the user experience for agents and managers. The teams have a better overview on customers, communication, workload, and have ultimately simplified the agent workflow to ensure they focus on what’s important: their customer’s experience.  Dixa’s Agent Hub is the intuitive workspace for agents with all the conversational history for every customer available right at their fingertips, so they are able to help customers quickly without having to go looking across various systems.

Customers expect a personal and expert service from any of their favorite channels, with fast and accurate replies. With Dixa we now answer 90% of all phone calls within 30 seconds and all emails within 12 hours (24/7). More importantly, we are now able to ensure our service levels.”

Benedikt Peine Unit Lead Service celebrate

Automation eliminates the need for time wasted on manual efforts

Dixa enables celebrate to route conversations better, automatically tag conversations, and offer conversations to agents taking queue priority into account. Dixa’s Conversation Engine brings together intelligent automations and features that give customer service leaders the ability to shape conversations to be as meaningful and efficient as possible. This reduces the manual processes for assigning tags and tickets to the right teams and inboxes. Dixa’s automation helps in the escalation and prioritization processes and reduces the risks of cherry picking when agents change inboxes. It also improves manual and time consuming searches for quick replies and FAQ articles.

Making data-driven decisions throughout the customer’s service experience

Unifying existing channels and systems has not only given customers channel convenience and agents all the conversational information they need in one screen, it’s also given celebrate the ability to leverage the data from multiple systems so they can optimize the ease and use of email flows to work as intended. Ultimately this means set-up is easier and faster. As a department they have become more agile and efficient, and they are seeing the benefits of this as they scale. Dixa Discover is a set of powerful analytics tools that allows companies to harness the power of CS data, combining agent performance data, customer insights, quality assurance, and business insights to help businesses make data-led decisions. celebrate’s customer service team is now empowered to provide the personalized and premium customer experience they aspired to give their customers.

What’s Next?

celebrate are so pleased with Dixa’s solution and results that they recently extended their contract for several years and have expanded their use of the Dixa platform. They recently added Dixa’s chat solution. 

The team is currently looking for ways to incorporate Dixa’s new AI and automation features into the order checking process to increase quality and efficiency at the same time – making it easier for agents to provide a better customer experience.

The team also continues to add their portfolio brands to the Dixa platform. Atelier Rosemood, with all their channels, will be onboarded soon. Their strategy is to keep the individual brands separate but create internal efficiencies where possible by sharing and improving across the group. This means continuing to align tools and processes while improving response times in order to provide the highest value to their customers. 

Lastly, the teams have set themselves the long-term goal of using a wide range of metrics to determine the impact of customer service on customer lifetime value and to focus even more on value-creating and loyalty-enhancing measures.

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