Chicago CX Meet Up

Join us for an endorphin boosting soirée with Dixa,and!
Register for our #CXHappinessMeetUp in Fulton Market, Chicago.

18th Oct


Join us for an endorphin boosting soirée with Dixa &!

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Arrive, grab a welcome drink, connect with your peers and meet new CX pals! 🍷

If you don’t know anyone when arriving, be sure to let us know, we’ll show you the way and introduce you to the coolest CX peeps in the room!

Get inspired from our CX-pro’s! 🧠

Get the latest insights from the movers n’ shakers in CX – we have a very exciting panel lined up for you!

Take notes from these seasoned leaders, it’s a very quick 20 minute knowledge share! 🗒️

Mingle with your CX peers 🥂

Mix n’ mingle with new and existing CX colleagues, let us introduce you to the coolest CX crowd in London!

You’re in the best of CX circles, come join us!


Industrious Fulton Market
171 North Aberdeen Street
#Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60607

Your hosts automate tagging of support tickets and calls. They build AI for business users and help their support teams scale!

Dixa is a global customer service tech company on a mission to help brands build friendships with their customers, break down technology silos and eliminate bad customer service. 

Together, we’re on a mission to setup Customer Service teams for success!

Fireside chat

Time to act as a CX partner; being a classic vendor isn’t cutting it anymore!

How do you differentiate yourself?
Furthermore, how do you stay relevant in a market downturn?

Customer Service departments are increasingly becoming revenue-generating powerhouses – solving customer and agent pain points quickly turns into saved hours and productivity improvements that has tangible effects on sales.
Do you have the blueprint to position yourself as a CX partner?

Join our panel of CX experts and receive their cheat-sheet to move your customer relationships from transactional to strategic, win customer loyalty, and empower agents!

Meet your CX experts

Tue Søttrup
Tue Søttrup
VP CX Excellence
Tue has grown his career from Customer Service Agent to VP of CX Excellence, spanning 20+ years in CX! He’s passionate about utilizing software to empower brands to build stronger relationships with customers, as well as dramatically improving the agent experience.
Jorge Peñalva Zambrano
CEO & Co-founder,

Starting his career in computer science, we think Jorge has put his data smarts to the best use in founding! auto-tag each support ticket, making routing & prioritization a breeze! Jorge loves that he can help his customers scale with ease!
Karen Darling
Head of US Customer Friendship™
Karen is our moderator for the night. Quickly becoming an industry veteran, having worked previously at Stella Connect / Medallia, she’s passionate about customer experience! Karen loves helping more and more businesses build long-lasting bonds with their customers.