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20th – 21st Oct

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How to get started with Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)


The old adage, “knowledge is power,” rings especially true now, as companies look for ways to increase customer loyalty and advocacy as the current pressure on the economy continues to build. 

When you give your customer service agents access to all the knowledge they need to help customers, you’re at once improving their day-to-day working experience and helping them deliver excellent customer service. 

Join and learn the practical measures you can take in creating an effective Knowledge-Centered Service, and how valuable it is for your organization.

Tue Søttrup
Tue Søttrup
VP CX Excellence
Tue Søttrup is a CX veteran with 20+ years experience in CX, growing his career from agent to VP of CX Excellence. Tue is passionate about helping you help your agents provide stellar service in every customer interaction!

Use discount code dixa-30 to get your tickets!

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