Dixa for Food & Grocery Brands

Whether you’re a food subscription brand, online grocery store, or food delivery app, Dixa can help you improve your CX for maximum growth.

Fresh service for the tastiest experiences

Offer real-time support

Provide fast and efficient omnichannel customer support from one platform with ease.

Increase efficiency with automation

Save time and energy for your customers by automating repetitive tasks and workflows.

Boost customer loyalty

Gain customer trust and loyalty by consistently giving quick and personal support experiences.

Provide omnichannel customer support

Keep up with customers across phone, email, chat, and messaging apps by funneling all customer engagement into one unified platform. Equip agents with the data and context they need to provide effortless support so they can avoid having to reference other systems or ask customers to repeat themselves. Plus, gain easy access to data in external systems through integrations.

  • Customer recognition
  • Complete conversation history
  • Powerful integrations
Omnichannel customer service for food and grocery

Get your priorities straight

Don’t worry about critical inquiries like last-minute changes to a delivery address getting lost in the backlog. Build your ideal customer journey with our drag and drop visual flow builder that lets you decide how conversations should be routed based on rules you set. This way the most important inquiries always get routed to the right agent automatically. Plus, utilize data from external systems like your CRM to determine how a conversation is routed and prioritized.

  • Visual flow builder
  • Queue priority
  • Agent priority
  • Workflow automations
customer service routing for food and grocery brands

Dixa helped us scale our support team from 20 agents to over 100 in the first 6 months while simultaneously elevating our customer experience. Now we utilize the insights gained from Dixa to continuously optimize our entire customer journey.

Andreas Sachse, former COO at Too Good To Go

Automate common tasks

Need to refund a customer or send a confirmation email? Do so without leaving Dixa through webhooks which can trigger workflows in any of your other tools based on specific events that occur in Dixa. Automate much more including routing, tagging, and assigning conversations directly to the best suited available agent without any manual work!

  • Webhooks
  • API access
  • Custom cards
customer service for food and grocery brands

Utilize customer feedback to optimize performance

By breaking down silos and unifying customer communication in one system, support teams turn data into valuable insights that can be used to resolve issues, optimize customer journeys, improve products, inform marketing, and ultimately grow businesses. Stay on top of performance with real-time analytics dashboards and conversation analytics.

  • Agent performance
  • Conversation stats
  • Activity
customer service performance for food and grocery brands

Everything you need to run your customer support online.

Omnichannel customer service software by Dixa

Discover The Dixa Effect

After experiencing a 400% increase in customer acquisition with COVID-19, we knew we needed a customer service platform that could keep up with our growth and evolving customer preferences. So far we’ve been delighted with Dixa!
Felicity Bell
Head of Delight


Connect Dixa with your other systems for powerful & personalized service. Need a custom integration? We’ve got you covered!

Dixa Integrations

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