Drive revenue through exceptional customer service

Integrate Dixa with Klaus for a scaled, automated customer support quality assurance process driven by AI.

Automatically score and analyze 100% of your agents and conversations

AI-powered quality management

Use AI to pinpoint which parts of the customer experience are failing or where agents are falling short – then fix what isn’t working. Automate QA and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages

Spend less time on questionable results

Keep track of real-time KPIs and identify top and low-performers. Use AI to discover problematic cases to review. Get real-time insights on what to improve on the department, team, and individual level.

Drive agent development

Give agents access to peer reviews and feedback along with actionable metrics. Collaboratively reinforce knowledge through coaching sessions around specific examples and performance metrics.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.