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​Merge is a single API to add hundreds of integrations to your app in days, not years.
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Your customers expect integrations as a tablestakes feature. Merge allows you to offer integrations out of the box

Customer Success

Merge’s Issues and Logs, which flag common end-user issues and reduces the amount of engineering troubleshooting needed.

Save Hours

Merge provides SDKs, clear documentation, and pre-built components to save development time and allow you to offer integrations in days — not quarters.

Merge is a developer tool to embed hundreds of customer-facing API integrations in your product right out of the box.

With Merge’s Unified API, developers access one standardized data model to pull and post data across any of the platforms we offer connections with, in categories like HRIS/Payroll, ATS, Accounting, CRM, Ticketing, Directory, and more.

Spare your developers hundreds of hours for each integration they build and maintain—your product team will thank you.

Merge also provides tools to manage integrations, with a robust dashboard that allows users to control the scope of data being synced through Merge, configure webhooks, troubleshoot and resolve issues such as expired API keys, and more, without the use of engineering resources.

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