Elevate team performance through powerful data visualization with Plecto

Plecto integration with Dixa

Leverage raw Dixa analytics data and build custom dashboards with Plecto.

Plecto performance dashboard with Dixa data

Motivate your support team and unlock their potential

Leverage Plecto’s beautiful data visualization and make use of gamification features to encourage agents to reach their goals. Track performance in real-time to identify progress and service areas that need attention.

Focus on what matters most to increase effectiveness

Use the raw data from Dixa to build and customize the metrics, and KPIs, that are important to your brand, team, and agents. Ensure your team is consistently performing in the most productive and efficient manner.

Drive awareness by displaying your team’s impact

Display Plecto dashboards on TV screens in your office, or on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or Apple Watch. Provide your organization with real-time data to stay on top of performance and increase awareness.

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