SentiSum automates support ticket tagging so you can uncover actionable insights from support conversations.

SentiSum tags tickets with unparalleled accuracy and granularity

Automate workflows

With AI-based tags, you’re able to triage or prioritise inquiries based on their topic or sentiment. You’ll save time, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

Extract insights

SentiSum’s dashboard makes support insights easy to understand and share across the company. You’ll be able to confidently inform CX improvements and product roadmaps with support conversation insights.

Get the insights you want, when you want and to whoever needs it.

Everyone in your company will find SentiSum easy-to-use.

You’ll make it easy for everyone across the company to collaborate on projects that really matter to the customer.

Say goodbye to inaccurate, high-level ticket tags

Actionable team insights

Turn every customer conversation into actionable insight that feeds into product, website, operations and CX teams. Route and prioritise inquiries based on nuanced topics and subtopics.

Unique tailored modelling

SentiSum builds each customer a customised AI model. Your tailored model gets to the heart of issues impacting your customers, so root cause analysis is quick and easy. Catch new, trending and hidden issues.

One holistic view

SentiSum covers every contact channel. Whether it’s voice, email, chat, social media, CSAT, NPS, you’ll have one complete understanding of customer conversations and feedback.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

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