Boost your customer service with our Shopify integration

Deliver personalized support by utilizing your own customer data across voice, email, chat & messaging
Shopify integration with Dixa customer service software

Streamline your customer service and grow your business

Access all relevant customer data from Dixa, avoiding time wasted switching between systems to check on a customer’s order status or history. Cut down on clicks and training time with an easy-to-use interface designed to fit your ecommerce support needs.

Shopify data in Dixa

Deliver personalized experiences

Recognize your customers the second they reach out based on their email address or phone number. Instantly display order details, tracking information, and interaction history while assisting customers within the conversation view.

Personalized customer service conversation

Build a loyal customer base

The number one reason customers take their business elsewhere is poor customer service. By delivering fast, personalized support with Dixa, you create a stronger bond with your customers, allowing you to create a loyal customer base.

Customer support on chat with Dixa software

Cross-channel features

Intelligent Routing

Utilize skill based routing to connect customers with the right agents and achieve first contact resolution.

Customer Recognition

Recognize your customers using their phone number or email address and view customer data instantly when starting each conversation.

Performance Reporting

Track your team’s performance with realtime analytics and display daily stats on a TV.

Prioritize Queues

Offer agents conversation from queues with the highest priority first to better manage busy times and specific customer inquiries.


Utilizing transfer features, write internal notes and have side conversations to tackle complex issues as a team.

Notes & Tags

Summarize and categorize conversations by adding notes and tags to any conversation across all channels.

Everything you need in on single view

Conversation view within the Dixa interface
  • ““We successfully rolled out Dixa in 8 countries in just over a month. For new countries, it now only takes us a couple of days to go live.””
    Andreas Sachse, COO – Too Good To Go
  • ““After Valentine’s Day it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days.””
    Iman Safari, Customer Service Manager – Interflora
  • “”We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder.””
    Rob Pierce, ‍Customer Operations Director – Rapha
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