Unbabel’s AI-powered language operations platform enables your agents to communicate with customers in any language.

Personalize & improve CX by eliminating language barriers.

Create consistent customer experiences

Maintain a consistent standard of support for your customers, and boost NPS, CSAT, and CES scores worldwide.

Increase agent efficiency cross-region

Enable your agents to respond quickly to customers, no matter where they are, with real-time translations.

Drive growth in international markets

Grow your customer base and boost loyalty across new regions by responding to customers in their native language.

A multilingual CX built on a hybrid approach.

Unbabel translations in Dixa

Exceptional translation services, directly in the Dixa platform.

Start translating quickly & seamlessly

Integrate Unbabel with Dixa and continue operating as you always have, with the added benefit of translation.

Easily handle high volume channels

Make your agents language agnostic so anyone can handle chat or email support during peak periods.

Ensure the highest privacy standards

Unbabel is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, with robust data encryption and anonymization.

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