Building a Customer Friendship™ rocket-ship in your org

In today’s competitive landscape, customer service is more critical than ever. Join us as Mads Fosselius unveils the power of merging human insights with AI for personalized interactions that skyrocket your customer satisfaction.

Join Mads Fosselius, CEO & Co-founder at Dixa who demonstrates the value of blending human insights with AI for efficient, and personalized interactions.

Unlock 5 actions to build your Customer Service rocket-ship in your organization, and why a Customer Friendship™ approach is key in rising to the challenge of current times.

Turn your CX organization from a cost-centre to a value centre, and learn how our smartest customers are building real – and lasting – customer loyalty. Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your approach to customer relationships, outperform in your industry and glean some insights from our decades of industry knowledge.

  • Unlock the secrets of Customer Friendship™: Learn why nurturing deep, meaningful connections with customers is the key to success in today’s market
  • Discover how to leverage technology to its fullest potential while still maintaining the crucial human touch
  • Accelerate revenue – Explore the vXLG framework by McKinsey & Company and learn how to double your revenue growth
  • 5 practical tips to build your Customer Service rocketship in your organization


Mads Fosselius
CEO and Co-founder

For 20+ years, Mads has had a singular focus to drive, revive and accelerate change in the customer service space. By transforming the function of contact centers and working to empower customer service agents, Mads is passionate about enriching both the agent experience and the customer experience. Listen-in for his insights on building your own Customer Friendship™ rocket-ship, the value of a customer-centric approach and how to leverage technology to help you succeed.

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