How the fastest-growing companies in the UK win customer loyalty

In today’s fiercely competitive markets of cycling apparel and jewelry, Rhys and Jade are setting the pace with their ground-breaking customer loyalty strategies. Now, they’re ready to share their insights with you!

Our guests are outpacing their competitors in highly-competitive industries.

Join Rhys Howells from Rapha and Jade Roberts from Monica Vinader as they unveil the secrets to building customer loyalty at scale, winning back customers and the data behind their decision-making.

Discover how proactive service, personalized experiences, and feedback shape their CX strategy – that truly resonates with their consumer base. Elevate your game, glean their insights and stand-out in your industry!

  • Building proactive customer service, anticipating needs and exceeding expectations
  • Developing an integrated approach to customer experience and gathering insights at every touchpoint
  • Monica Vinaders’ strategy in empowering agents to retain customers and the impact on customer loyalty
  • Engaging customers in product development and decision-making
  • The role of community-building that turns customers into brand advocates


Rhys Howells
Head of Customer Service

Driving exceptional customer service is a team sport! Rapha has built a community of cycling enthusiasts to 20k worldwide, while Rhys and his team have consistently improved CSAT scores, efficiency, customer retention, and eliminated silos.

Jade Roberts
Head of Customer Experience

Having earned her CX stripes at Ted Baker, Jack Wills and Monica Vinader – Jade is passionate about advocating for customers at every opportunity. Leading an award-winning team, having won Best CX Initiative in 2023, Jade is sharing her top tips for success.

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