Dynamic Knowledge

Make every agent
an expert.

Empower your agents with the know-how they need—when they need it—with our intelligent knowledge base that makes delivering knowledge-centered service simple.

Single source of truth

Ensure customers always get the most up-to-date information.

Fast-track new agents

Take new hires from “agent-in-training” to “service hero” in no time.

Hej, bonjour, hola

With 15+ languages supported, we’ve got you covered.

Knowledge-sharing made easy.

Say goodbye to time spent searching through messy and outdated internal folders. Capture and store important information in one central location—no treasure map required. With our built-in knowledge base, you can deliver fast and reliable answers to your customers, reduce the training burden on your existing team, and avoid losing access to important information when a team member leaves.

Remove friction points in your CX.

What if you could anticipate customer needs before they voiced them to you? Or help an agent with much-needed context in their moment of need? Let our AI-powered suggestion engine do the work for you, serving agents the right knowledge at the right time, ensuring your customers always receive the most up-to-date information.

Level up your self-service game.

Ask a customer whether they prefer fast or slow service, and the answer is pretty predictable. So why make them wait for an agent? With Dixa, you can easily create a customer-facing knowledge base and send automatic prompts to customers based on the page they’re browsing. Plus, seamlessly integrate our knowledge assistant into your website, catching customer queries and surfacing relevant articles before they reach out.

Keep your knowledge fresh with AI.

If you’re using an old-school knowledge base, the process of creating and maintaining knowledge takes a massive time investment. Driven by powerful machine learning, we take the burden of staying on top of your knowledge off of you: Agents receive automatic prompts to create and update articles, and your knowledge stays up-to-date, no admin required.

Streamline your customer experience with every channel built-in.

Right off the bat, get access to every channel your customers use, all in one intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Free your agents from repetitive, low-value tasks with our Chatbot.

Dixa’s Chatbot takes care of the queries agents don’t need to, so they can focus on the customer questions that matter most.

“Since switching from Zendesk, we’ve seen higher agent productivity than ever before, with improvements of over 22%. Dixa has allowed us to automate processes and show an overview of all channels, i.e. chat, email, and phone, all in one view. Onboarding new agents is also far easier due to Dixa’s intuitive approach to agent experience.”

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