Dixa Announces Double Acquisition of Solvemate and Miuros

We’ve got big news and we can finally share it! With Dixa’s $43 million double acquisition of Solvemate and Miuros, our platform just got even stronger. Now with unprecedented native analytics and conversational automation power, we couldn’t be prouder of the complete package we offer our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing a human-centric service experience in which customer service agents are equipped and empowered to not only solve customer problems but build customer loyalty through every single interaction. With these two new superpowers, our customers will have access to market-changing CX intelligence and conversational AI. Here’s what the growing number of companies around the world that are powered by Dixa can look forward to. 

Streamline Support with Powerful AI

Solvemate will enable us to build the next generation of effortless customer service through conversational AI. While customers engage across all channels from desktop to mobile, agents are empowered to focus on high-value and complex customer questions. The conversation funnel is entirely customizable – it’s built to be flexible, personalized, and to direct customers to self-service options when ideal, and route to a human agent when necessary. Solvemate will continue as a stand-alone product, platform, and brand, but will also be fully integrated into our platform. 

Optimize Performance with Quality Assurance & Actionable Insights

Imagine getting your customer service data transformed into actionable insights to improve efficiency and performance. Miuros will enable us to expand into customer intelligence, helping brands turn all conversational, customer, and third-party data into actionable insights with AI-powered QA and analytics, crucial for growing and scaling customer service organizations. 

While Miuros will continue to maintain its own product, platform, and brand, it will be fully integrated into our platform as a native QA capability – where managers and business leaders will be empowered to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions, empowering agents and teams, and driving key business outcomes through more strategic customer service.

The Future of Customer Service is on Your Doorstep

“To create value-driven experiences, brands need a complete platform that leverages data, AI, and machine learning to deliver the right knowledge to customers, support agents, and internal teams at the right time,” says Mads Fosselius, CEO and co-founder here at Dixa. “In being able to draw on our data-rich foundation and existing knowledge base, Elevio, the addition of Miuros and Solvemate will allow service leaders to leverage data on a new scale for automation, measurement, and insights from a single platform, setting an entirely new standard in data-driven customer service.” 

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Dixa and set up both your agents and customers for connected experiences that will grow your business.


Lia Ciner

Lia Ciner

Lia brings her non-profit experience to the world of technology and corporate business growth. Her passion is in maintaining a human-centric digital reality, in which both people and business can thrive with their technology.

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